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#Facebook is looking at the May 17 date for its IPO, TechCrunch reports, citing several sources familiar with the matter. According to those same sources, Facebook will be valued at around $100 billion or $40 a share, close to the company’s current valuation on the secondary market (Source).

– More than 2 million people are now paying for #Hulu’s premium content subscription service Hulu Plus, CEO Jason Kilar revealed at the Ad Age Digital Conference on Tuesday. The Netflix competitor has doubled its subscriber base in just seven month. He also announced Hulu will now charge advertisers based on a 100% completion rate (Sources: Mashable, AdRants).

– Google has introduced a plan to measure online advertising that it hopes will help the industry go beyond CTRs and impression rates, and become a standard. Dubbed Brand Activate, the initiative so far has two components: Active View and Active GRP, which are online equivalents of existing #metrics and let advertisers react in real time (hence why they’re called “active”) (Source).

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