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On the Set of “Mad Men”

The set of AMC’s “Mad Men” is the focus of a stunning series of black-and-white, behind-the-scenes photos that surfaced last week. LA-based photographer James Minchin III captured the set, the props, along with candid images of the actors, both on and off the set. The work is truly fascinating in the way it connects the past with the present. The creators do such a remarkable and convincing job with the show that when confronted with the truth here in black and white, it seems almost surreal. More photos are available on Minchin’s website.


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#hashtagnews #59

– In a nearly 3-minute video rant posted on the 4A’s website, creative icon Lee Clow shares his thoughts on agency #compensation and the value agencies provide by building brands (Source).

#Facebook has announced it will display photos in high-resolution and allow full-screen viewing. The pictures will be crisper, higher quality and can be up to 4 times larger than before (Source).

– Facebook also announced it will fight to stop employers from requesting access to applicants’ otherwise #private accounts, something that employers are reportedly pushing for (Source).

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#hashtagnews #54

– Brands have launched over 3,000 Facebook #apps in the past two months (Source).

– Google has announced that it is now possible to view and edit Google Docs directly within #Google+ while video-chatting thanks to an update of the Hangouts feature (Source).

– The Google+ team also announced the launch of its new album organizer, which makes it easy to rearrange your #photos and move them from album to album (Source).

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#hashtagnews #39

– The Mozilla Foundation announced their intention to launch a cross-platform #app store later this year. The submission process is slated to start next week at the Mobile World Congress (Source).

#Flickr will be rolling out a number of improvements for their platform in the coming months, starting with a new photo stream design called Justified View that makes it look more like Pinterest, and an improved uploading section called Uploadr (Source).

– Publicis Healthcare Communications Group acquired Chinese healthcare #network UBS. The new network will operate under the name UBS Saatchi & Saatchi Health (Source).

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