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This App Lets You Squeeze The New “Nike Free” Shoe With Your Facial Expressions

Nike in Japan and agencies Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo and ROOT Communications want you to make faces and embarrass yourself in front of your webcam. The brand created a fun web application to communicate the product attributes of its new Free shoe, an incredibly flexible shoe that you can squeeze with your hands and now, thanks to the app, with your face. The app combines facial recognition technology and expression recognition technology to let users bend, twist and control the Nike sneaker using your facial expressions. The app calculates facial flexibility from the eyebrow to the chin, in order to define the diagonal movement of the shoe, and the symmetry of the mouth to define the horizontal movement of the shoe. In addition, the application recognizes the color of the user’s clothes and the background to automatically coordinate the color of the shoe using the NIKEiD customization system. Pretty cool.


[youtube http://youtu.be/4Y-caQiIDug]
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Parrot’s Remote-Controlled Banner Ads

It’s not often that brands innovate with banner ads, mostly because it can be challenging to create an online experience that’s valuable enough and not too disruptive for the user. Recently, WMF created some really cool interactive banners that tied in to its product benefits. This time, in order to promote Parrot’s AR drone, a quadricopter you can control with your iPad or iPhone, Tokyo-based agency Beacon created what I believe is the world’s first remote-controlled banner ad. By scanning a QR code with their smartphone on websites that featured the banners, users could control a virtual drone with their phone, much like they would do with the actual product. I personally think this is a really cool campaign, even though it could have been executed differently and more efficiently (I’m not a huge fan of QR codes in general, and this execution is no exception).


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Ads of the Week #10

Dos Equis: “Sword Fight” (Euro RSCG, New York)

Nissan: “Built to Thrill” (TBWA\G1, Paris & London)

Old Navy: “The Best Tee Ever Infomercial” (Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami)

Puma: “Live Life, Don’t Watch It” (Droga5, New York)

Sony: “Screen Story” (Party Creative Lab, Tokyo)

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Louis Vuitton’s “When Hong Kong Is A Woman”

“When Hong Kong Is A Woman” is Louis Vuitton’s latest release in a series of short films aiming to capture the essence of major cities around the world. The film presents Hong Kong through the eyes of female professionals: an architect, a model, a composer, a journalist… and takes us on a journey in one of the world’s largest and most fascinating metropolis.

The tone is quite similar to this of Louis Vuitton’s “Life Is A Journey” commercial (created by Ogilvy & Mather Paris), which is one of my personal favorites (see below). I also found the film to be somehow reminiscent of Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation (although the 2003 movie was set in Tokyo). The subject for the film is a no brainer for the brand: the Chinese female market is a major target for Louis Vuitton and, like I said, the atmosphere of the film is in continuation of previous executions.

Regardless, this film is a good example of the efforts the luxury industry is making to embrace modern storytelling and to leverage new communication channels. Clearly, Louis Vuitton is experimenting here and it might very well benefit to the brand but then again it’s a risky bet for the brand. Like Adverblog noted, quite a lot of YouTube users have posted negative comments about the video, criticizing the brand’s take on Hong Kong as superficial.


[youtube http://youtu.be/8tljLDFk9to] [youtube http://youtu.be/m5xCGZuvhWI]
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